About Us

Here at C2 Chiropractic we believe that we can help you. We can help you with getting better. Whether that is with a specific problem or injury or with just generally from a health point of view, we believe we can help you.

To do this we need to identify and fully understand the root cause of the problem.

We take you through what we believe is one of the most comprehensive history and physical examinations you are likely to find anywhere. If needed you will be referred out for specialist scans and imaging such as MRI or X-rays. We will look at your lifestyle and levels of activity in order to get a truly complete picture of you and your problem. Once we have got to the bottom of what is causing your problem, we will then take our time to explaining very clearly, what the issue is and why it has happened. Next you will be given a treatment plan designed not just to get you back to full health and fitness, but to keep you there so you don’t fall fowl of the same problem again. We take great pride in providing the highest levels of personalised examination, treatment and education to reduce pain and symptoms as quickly as possible, allowing you to return to your life as normal.

What we do

Simply put we help increase your body’s “Adaptive Range”. What does that mean?

Our body’s are exceptionally clever things. We tend to put them through a lot and the amazing thing is that they just keep going. This is because of their ability to adapt and compensate. If something goes a little wrong or stops working properly our bodies have the ability to cope with the problem so that it doesn’t slow us down. This gives the body time to try to sort the problem (healing). Unfortunately our body’s are not infallible so there is only so much they can cope with before the problems start to mount up or the adaptions and compensations become more permanent. This is our “Adaptive Range”. When we are first born we have a huge adaptive range. The older we get the greater the amount of things our bodies have had to cope with, so our adaptive range gets smaller. This continues until we have no adaptive range left and we depart the world for the next.

In the case of most of our patients its either their back or leg or neck (or other area) that has started to develop a problem as a result of their body having been compensating and adapting due to a mechanical imbalance or dysfunction. The problem may be pain, or weakness or tingling or a loss of sensation or function but the cause is nearly always as a result of the body compensating. The treatments we subsequently provide are aimed at reducing their symptoms and helping their body’s by identifying and treating the underlying cause of the compensation. In doing so we help to reduce irritation and restore (as much as possible) better function to the nervous system which is the part of the body that controls healing (as well as everything else in the body!). All this means that their bodies are able to cope with the day to day physical and chemical pressures that they need to, thus their “Adaptive Range” has been increased.

To Achieve all that we firstly Identify the root cause of your problem. Then we design a treatment plan to tackle the problem. That plan is split into 2 phases; the “Acute Phase” and the “Rehab Phase”.

The “Acute Phase” is the initial phase of your treatment. Its where you are getting a lot of your symptoms or pain so our focus is to reduce them asap, at the same time as starting to get you back on your feet. Your treatments at this point are scheduled closer together to get a greater and quicker affect. Once you are doing better we then move you onto the second phase of the plan.

The “Rehab Phase” builds on what has been achieved in the first phase of your treatment. The frequency of treatments is reduced and you will then start on specific exercises to help strengthen your body so that the effects of the first phase become more stable and long lasting. Elements such as posture and nutrition are also explored and improved upon during this second phase. Towards the end of your rehab we will also discuss lifestyle recommendations and tips so that you are better equipped to recognise problems earlier rather than later. There is more responsibility put upon you at this point as it is up to you to do the exercises and follow through on the recommendations we have made. But don’t worry! We keep a close eye on you and your progress while this process is taking place.

Who We Are

Our “friendly neighborhood Chiropractor” is Andrew Barfoot-Saunt MChiro DC LRCC.

Andrew is a Doctor of Chiropractic and he believes in getting people better through a holistic approach and by helping them to understand the cause of their problem. He believes that only then can someone begin to overcome the root causes of their problems if they first understand how they got them in the first place.

Andrew has an excellent and in-depth understanding of what his patients go through as he himself is a long standing Chiropractic patient. Andrew first injured his back when he was a young teenager. Having shot up one summer (apparently he grew about 3 inches in height in about 2 months), Andrew started to develop lower back pain. “It started off as just a bit of general stiffness, especially if I had been sitting down for any length of time. But then it started to get worse. I would get spasms that would leave me almost unable to move! I remember when I was about 14 or 15 it suddenly ‘went’ and I had this sickening sharp pain in my low back. I ended up having an MRI scan that showed I had prolapsed the bottom disc in my low back. After that I tried physiotherapy without much luck as well as osteopathy witch gave me better results but nothing lasting. I struggled on for several years. Luckily I was very fit and sporty so I managed to keep going. I was a swimmer and being in the pool helped a lot. It wasn’t until I started seeing a local Chiropractor that my back started to really improve. Since then I have had regular maintenance type care and have been largely pain free for many years. I learnt what had caused the problem (growing quickly had weakened my core muscles which resulted in my pelvis becoming misaligned. That meant there were more forces going through the base of my back as my body tried to compensate for the problem. This over time damaged my disc).

Through his experiences as a back pain sufferer and as a result of a natural interest in how the body worked Andrew went on after leaving school to train at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth and graduated in 2008 with a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic. Since then Andrew has been living and working in the London and South London area where he has helped thousands of patients with a wide range of problems and issues. He has treated people from all walks of life from professional footballers and athletes to 94 year olds.

Andrew uses a wide range of techniques in his treatments but the primary approach he uses is Sacro-Occipital Technique combined with spinal manipulative adjustments. He is also a highly experienced masseuse, having first started massaging people at the age of five. This has given him a highly attuned sense of palpation which means he always finds the root of the trouble area. Something often commented on by his patients; “How is it you always seem to know exactly where to push?!”