Chiropractor In Kent

Chiropractor In Kent

We are a chiropractic clinic based in the South Bromley area in Kent. Our chiropractor offers the highest level of care to the communities of Bromley, Beckenham, Hayes, Crystal palace and beyond!

Anyone who suffers from pain knows how much it can affect your life. Simple every day activities such as getting out of bed, getting dressed or even sitting down can become so difficult that they become more than you can face. The fear of aggravating your painful condition takes over your every decision.

Here at C2 Chiropractic Clinic we understand how you’re feeling. Our Founder and Head Chiropractor, Andrew Barfoot-Saunt MChiro DC LRCC has first-hand experience after ‘slipping a disc’ when he was just 14. He says: “The pain was unbearable. Even walking across a room was incredibly painful. My leg went numb and I just couldn’t do anything without it hurting. My experience furthered a personal interest in how the body works on a physiological level and helping others deal with and recover from painful problems became the only thing I wanted to do when I grew up. This was my driving reason for becoming a chiropractor.”

One of the most frustrating things about being in pain is feeling that you’re not being listened to. Our chiropractor will take as much time as needed to listen to you, to get to the bottom of your problem and to explain in simple language what the problem is and how he can help. Drawing on many years of clinical experience in a number of treatment techniques including Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Andrew will tailor your specific treatment to your specific problem. Take a look at some of our patient’s stories below and if you’re suffering with pain then give us a call.

After coming to Andrew with a specific shoulder injury that rendered me unable to use my arm properly, amongst other issues, he was able to quickly restore function and ultimately address the cause of the injury. This meant that I was able to quickly get back to my fitness training and at the same time rehabilitate the injury so that it would not return. Andrew was also able to advise in other ways to aid prevention. Andrew had great insight into the problem immediately and quickly started working on a resolution which resulted in a fast result.”
N.O. (Administrator)

“Andrew has been very professional from the start of the therapies and has guided me through a full recovery which I hadn’t even expected as previous health professionals advised I was not going to go back to normal after my injury. I am very thankful and would recommend him to anyone.”
L.L. (Architect)

So if you are in Kent and in need of help getting rid of your pain or are looking to get some help with achieving a goal that’s proving difficult, then give us a call on 0800 021 3226.