Is there anything else I can do to help myself?

Other than icing we recommend that you try to avoid sitting for too long. Even if you are in pain to the point that you can hardly move about, we still recommend that you move about as much as you can but in short bursts.

The reason for this is because movement stimulates the blood circulation which, at a moderate level, reduces and dissipates inflammation. This is why many people observe that on first rising in the morning or standing up after a long time sat at a desk or in a car, they are stiff and sore but that it goes off after a few minutes of moving around.

You can of course use pain killers and anti-inflamatories if you would like to and there is nothing wrong with that. We would always advise that you consult either your GP or the pharmacist before you take any medication as you may not be fully aware of the common side effects and risks. Even if you do decide to use drugs, we would still recommend that you use ice and try to keep moving about.

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