Stiffness – It’s not because you are getting old!

Stiffness – It’s not because you are getting old!

Stiffness in the morning, the end of the day or after a period of inactivity such as sitting for 30 minutes, is the body’s early warning system beginning to tell you that something isn’t quite as it should be. Unless there has been a specific accident or injury that you are aware of (such as getting clattered on the hockey pitch), stiffness is nearly always a precursor to the onset of pain.

It’s caused by your body having to compensate for some reason. This in turn focuses more force and strain through certain areas and anatomical structures within the body that then start to become inflamed (swollen) as a result. This is what causes the stiffness. It’s not because you are getting old!! It’s because you have a problem and you need to get it looked at before it becomes painful. A helpful hint for something you can do at home to help reduce the stiffness is to Ice the stiff area. This will reduce the inflammation and so reduce the stiffness.
If you are suffering from Stiffness then please feel free to call us today on 0800 021 3226 and book an appointment. Remember. If you are unsure, you can always book a Free Spine Check or alternatively if you have any questions please drop us an email at

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