Chiropractic literally means “by hand”. It involves treating the joints, muscles and nerves with a variety of different manipulative and soft tissue ‘hands on’ techniques. These gentle techniques help to reduce irritation to different types of structures and tissues; reliving stiffness and pain and ultimately helping the body into a more balanced state allowing everything to work as it should.

An average treatment usually involves a combination of different techniques and procedures including manipulation of the joints, massage and soft tissue release techniques, joint and nerve mobilisation techniques. In some cases a technique called Dry Needling can also be used.


Massage therapy and sports / deep tissue massage is also available at C2Chiropractic. Our experienced masseuse can always find “the spot”, weather you are after a gentle relaxing massage to ease tension or a firmer, deeper sports style massage to release tight muscles and reduce muscular pain.


SOT stands for Sacro-Occipital Technique. First developed by a Chiropractor called Dr M. B. DeJarnette in 1925, SOT is a way of analysing and treating the body as a whole.

The analysis uses specific postural, mechanical and neurological indicators for the pelvis, spine, visceral system, extremities and cranium, so the practitioner can assess the bodies’ level of health and how much adaption and compensation it is under. This is very useful in the assessment of chronic conditions and allows the practitioner to be able to design a very specific and tailored treatment plan which is not just designed to treat the problem but to improve the patient’s well-being on a long-term, ongoing preventative basis.

SOT treatment is very different to the usual “cracking” style of Chiropractic manipulation. Instead it combines a number of soft tissue and fascial releases, placing specially designed wedges at specific points underneath the pelvis when the patient is lying down as well as mechanical neuro-stimulation, traction and cranial techniques.”

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is also known as medical acupuncture. It is much like Chinese acupuncture and is used to reduce pain, muscular spasm and tension. It works by stimulation nerves that control the tone of the muscle, resulting in a neurological feedback loop causing the muscle to relax at the same time as endorphin’s to be released into the brain giving a pain relieving effect.

Trigger Point Therapy

Also referred to sometimes as ischemic compression or acupressure, this is similar to shiatsu massage. The Chiropractor will palpate the affected muscle for the “Trigger point”. This is an area of the muscle that is chronically tight and can be acutely tender when touched.

These areas are responsible for a lot of the muscular pain that people with bad backs or necks experience. The Chiropractor will then simply apply pressure to the trigger point. This may be sore and can often result in pain and other different sensations being felt in other areas of the body to the one that is being treated. This is perfectly normal and is down to the way our bodies and their nerves develop when we are still growing as a fetus.

In most cases the pain from the trigger point subsides within about a minute (as the muscle relaxes fully). A lot of patients tend to think that the Chiropractor is pushing with their thumb or elbow with “all their might”. This is not the case and lot of times after a couple of sessions (because the muscle is much more relaxed) patients comment on the fact that it isn’t as sore as the first time this technique was performed (and in some cases the Chiropractor gets accused of not pushing as hard as before!!)


Once a patient has gone through an acute course of Chiropractic treatment, it is most common (and recommended) that they go through “Rehab”. During Rehab the patient is put through a specific course of exercises and drills to help strengthen the supporting muscles of the spine and pelvis (and/or the extremities depending on what the problem is). This is massively important in not just regaining full health and fitness again but in doing everything required to avoid problems and painful complaints re-occurring in the future. Through the rehab you become stronger and fitter, so you can better handle what life throws at you. It will help to improve your posture and will also address topics such as diet and nutrition.


Whether it’s your house, your garden, your computer or your car most things fair better with a bit of a check-up and TLC. If you don’t get your car serviced regularly the chances are it will break down at some point (normally at the exact time you need it the most). If you don’t manage and update your computer and its software on a regular basis it tends to run slower and become more susceptible to viruses (and then when it gets infected you think to yourself “I knew I should have updated my fire wall sooner!”). If you don’t take some time to maintain your property before long the paint is peeling, dry rot is setting in, damp is starting to take over your bathroom and the garden looks like a jungle! (All of which can be fixed but will now take more time and more money to put right again).

What we are trying to say here is that everything does better and lasts longer with a bit of maintenance and that includes YOU! Most of us know that the best way to avoid problems with our teeth is to clean them daily and have regular check-ups with the dentist. That way problems are picked up and sorted before they really start. The rest of our body is no different.

As far as you musculoskeletal systems is concerned the best way of keeping healthy and avoiding aches and pains is to move and exercises it regularly and have regular check-ups with you Chiropractor. Depending on your age, your history and your lifestyle this could mean a check-up every 6 months, every 4 months or every 3 months. Your Chiropractor will discuss the best approach for you towards the end of your treatment plan. One thing we hate is pressure and awkwardness, so we promise that when it comes to discussing maintenance we will simply give you our best recommendation for you. We won’t try to influence you decision to go into maintenance or not. It is entirely your choice! (It doesn’t mean we won’t stop believing in preventing problems rather than simply solving them though!).

Conditions Treated

  • Neck pain and problems
  • Upper back pain and problems
  • Low back pain and problems
  • Arm pain and problems
  • Leg pain and problems
  • Migraines
  • Neck related headaches
  • Whiplash associated problems
  • Pain and problems concerned with the joints of the arms and/or legs
  • Sports related injuries
  • Work related injuries
  • Post-operative rehabilitation and recovery
  • Pregnancy problems
  • New born, infant and child hood problems related to musculo-skeletal disturbances
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